Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a collection of the common questions related to our European made PORCELUXE collection (large format Porcelain titles).

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Yes. With the recent news events mentioning silicosis disease, many Stone Masons and Tilers have been affected by the silica dust. We are proud to offer a material that contains less than 5% Silica material; Deaming it safe for all Stone Masons, and Tilers to work with on a regular basis.

As porcelain has close to no porosity, this makes it perfect to line swimming pools, and tile showers in. This also means less unsightly grout lines to worry about.

Yes, we recommend large-format porcelain for large-scale architectural projects due to its durability, unique range of colours, and hygienic properties. Due to its strong durability, it is perfect for high-traffic areas!

Porcelain is an ideal choice for a benchtop material as it is hygienic, durable, thermal shock-resistant, and extremely versatile in colours!

As porcelain is UV Resistant, this make it the perfect material for outdoor applications.

A Substrate will need to applied for every 600mm expanse to ensure the weight of the porcelain is held up correctly.

Porcelain will not fade or dis-colour if it’s outside. Porcelain is completely UV resistant, making it the perfect material for outdoor uses such as BBQ areas, and outdoor kitchens.

Strength and Quality

Porcelain stoneware is a ceramic material characterised by its high degree of compactness and it is from precisely this factor that its most important
quality is derived.

Its composition results in its high resistance to impacts and stressors; Therefore wear, which makes it particularly suitable as a material for cladding
facades, flooring in high-traffic areas, and outdoor settings

Do Porcelain Slabs Stain?

If the product requires extraordinary cleaning due to particularly stubborn
stains, action should be taken as soon as possible, using the specific detergents
recommended our Brochure

Are Porcelain Slabs Easy to Keep Clean?

Yes, generally a quick wipe down with a microfibre cloth and our recommended cleaning solution is all that is needed for a perfect surface.

Does My Porcelain Benchtop Need to be Sealed?

No. Porcelain has a non-porous surface and as such does not need to be sealed once it is supplied.

Can You Use Porcelain Slabs Behind a Gas Cooktop?


Are Porcelain Slabs Suitable For Around Fire Place?