PORCELUXE - Premium Porcelain Benchtops

PORCELUXE slabs offer an air of opulence and versatility to every space – from Kitchen Benchtops, to splash backs; Table tops, to integrated vanity tops. PORCELUXE premium porcelain slabs offer the solution for all.

Designer Surfaces is Brisbane’s leading supplier for large format porcelain benches and tiles, providing exclusive designs and unrivalled quality from our stunning Italian and Spanish collections.

Kitchen Benchtops

PORCELUXE is the perfect material for all residential and commercial benchtop applications.


Looking for an integrated vanity? Perhaps floor to ceiling cladding? PORCELUXE can do both.


Enrich your outdoor spaces with PORCELUXE


Create unique, one-of-a-kind tables and other furniture pieces from PORCELUXE slabs.


PORCELUXE is a material with extraordinary technical and performance characteristics that make it highly safe, hygienic, easy to clean and maintain and highly resistant to scratches, bending and high breaking loads. Plus, it is a sustainable and environmentally friendly material.

Thanks to their extraordinary aesthetic versatility, PORCELUXE slabs are the ideal solution for the design of any type of environment in residential, commercial and public architecture, both indoors and outdoors.


PORCELUXE is a compact, non-porous surfaces. This characteristic makes the material highly safe, hygienic and ideal for food contact.

PORCELUXE's high density and low porous qualities make it great for food preparation. PORCELUXE is highly resistant to liquids, acidic substances, and is highly scratch resistant.

Seemless Maintenance

PORCELUXE slabs are easy to maintain: they do not retain dirt and are easily cleaned with a damp cloth and warm water, without the use of impregnating agents, waxes or special polishing.

Thermal Shock Resistant

PORCELUXE slabs are impervious to toxic or irritating substances and withstand high temperatures and thermal shocks.

With great heat and fire resistance, this makes it a great product to use as a benchtop, especially around cooktops, and also for vertical surfaces, such as splashbacks.


PORCELUXE slabs have excellent strength and surface hardness characteristics that make the surfaces resistant to wear, scratches and almost all physical and mechanical stresses.

Edge Profiles

PORCELUXE not only offers a wide variety of colours and styles but also provides the opportunity for different edge profiles. These profiles are available for custom size requests, kitchen countertops, step systems and shelving.

Below are the available Edge Profiles possible with our available ranges of PORCELUXE benchtops.